Secrets of Successful Chinese-Filipino Entrepreneurs

Secrets of Successful Chinese-Filipino Entrepreneurs

What are the secrets of successful Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs?

  1. Have big dreams
  2. Start from the bottom
  3. Work hard and work smart
  4. Have strong willpower
  5. Make solid connections with influential people


Numerous Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs have established themselves as skilled businessmen in numerous industries. Get inspiration from their stories by discovering the secrets to having a successful Chinese business in the Philippines. From your attitude to your work ethic, each part of your personality is the key to turning your dream into a reality.

Read on to learn about the secrets of successful Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs.


Have Big Dreams

Have Big Dreams

Every successful entrepreneur has their own success story. One of the factors that unite big-time Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs is that they had big dreams. In order to be successful, you must first have big dreams. Little by little, start turning your dreams into reality through your actions. The important factor is that you start your journey no matter what.

Take a look at Henry Sy, who turned a small shoe business into the country’s largest conglomerate. As a child, Mr. Sy found experience in the retail industry through his family’s convenience store. Once he had learned some of the tricks of the trade, he saved up enough money to start his own business – a shoe mart. Before his death in January 2019, Henry Sy was considered the wealthiest Filipino for eight consecutive years.

Besides dreaming big, another secret to becoming a successful Chinese-Filipino entrepreneur is being okay with starting from the bottom.


Start From the Bottom

In order to gain success, you must absolutely have faith in your dreams. From its conception to the struggle to get it up and coming, until it becomes a success. Have faith despite the constant challenges that you may go up against. Persistence is key in order for you to not give up on your dream. A number of successful Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs started from the bottom and made their way up to the top.

John Gokongwei has set up one of the country’s largest food and beverage companies. What started as a simple cornstarch company has turned into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. His persistence has also allowed him to set up successful companies in industries such as banking, telecommunications, air transportation, and property. Besides working hard, you also have to make intelligent decisions in order to further diversify your businesses.


Work Hard and Work Smart

Work Hard and Work Smart

In order to become a successful Chinese-Filipino entrepreneur, you must be able to maneuver the trade and grow your business into your very own success story. Take note that besides developing your own business practices, you must compete against other companies who also want to taste success. Take measures to constantly upgrade you and your employees’ skills in order to achieve greatness. Be smart with you and your business decisions might just become the next big thing.

Andrew Tan is the third most successful Chinese-Filipino businessman in the country. After acquiring the rights to his company’s biggest foreign competitor, he was able to turn his distillery into the world’s largest brandy company. Not only that, but Mr. Tan was able to solidify the Philippines as the largest foreign investor in the brandy capital of Spain. To claim worldwide success for your business, you must have strong willpower to go against foreign competitors.


Have Strong Willpower

When faced with a strong competitor, a good entrepreneur does not back down, but rather, refines his products to compete against it. To achieve success despite challenges and fallbacks, you must learn how to stand up again and fight. Use these setbacks as inspiration to do better and be better.

Lucio Tan is one of the top Filipino-Chinese billionaires in the world. He founded a multi-billion dollar company that has interests in banking, spirits, tobacco, and property development. But Mr. Tan did not start off successfully. In order to get himself through school, he used to mop the floors of his college to be able to finish his own studies. With his strong willpower, and with the aid of influential people, Lucio Tan has now been able to become one of the most successful Filipino-Chinese entrepreneurs.


Make Solid Connections With Influential People

Make Solid Connections With Influential People

The influential people around you have reached their position because they have become experts in their respective fields. In order to get into the industry yourself, you must listen to these professionals and make solid connections with them. Even if you know a lot about a certain industry, take note that you can always learn more. Be open to new ideas and new thoughts from experienced professionals.

Tony Tan Caktiong is the founder of one of the world’s fastest-growing Asian restaurant chains. This food empire started as an ice cream shop, but Mr. Tan Caktiong’s partners convinced him to convert it into the burger joint that it is known for today. The chain has now opened its 37th store in the United States.

These are just some of the secrets to becoming a successful Chinese-Filipino entrepreneur. Take this into consideration as you strive to achieve your dream business.


Key Takeaway

There is no one way to ensure that you will have a successful Chinese business in the Philippines. However, with the right mindset and dedication, you can work your way up to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Stay grounded and keep your eye on the prize when making any type of decision. Don’t let failures get you down as these can be key to improving your business practices. And finally, never lose your drive to reach the top.

Take note of these secrets in order to become a successful entrepreneur in your respective industry.

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