5 Industries to Invest in the Philippines

5 Industries to Invest in the Philippines

Which industries in the Philippines should you invest in?

  1. Agriculture and Food Production
  2. Tourism
  3. Real Estate/Land Development
  4. Energy
  5. Retail/Trading Distribution


The Philippines is a country with an abundance of natural resources. It has become a place known for investment opportunities in different industries ranging from the agricultural industry to energy production and development. Investing in the Philippines also provides you with great benefits that cater to your needs. If you’re looking for where to invest in the Philippines, read on to learn more about the industries you could explore.


Agriculture and Food Production

Agriculture and Food Production

Fishing, farming, and the handling of livestock are all abundant sources of livelihood in an agricultural country such as the Philippines. Different areas have developed their own specialties through years and years of experience. The industry itself has evolved to allow the export of Philippine products to markets all over the world. The biggest products being exported are animal or vegetable fats and oils, ready to eat fruit and nuts, as well as different kinds of meat and fish. This presents you with multiple possible business opportunities in the Philippines to invest in.



The Philippines is known for its white sand beaches and its breathtaking hiking destinations. Throughout the years, the Department of Tourism has extended its operations to be able to provide quality services to interested tourists while preserving the natural landmarks that are being showcased. Investment opportunities in this sector include travel & tours, restaurants, and hotels for the maximum enjoyment of consumers.

There are also special benefits to being a foreign investor in the Philippines’ tourism-related endeavors. According to Executive Order No. 63 (Granting Incentives to Foreign Investments), investors can get a special resident’s Visa along with their immediate family for as long as the investment persists. The investor also has the right to remit earnings from the investment.


Real Estate/Land Development

Real Estate/Land Development

As a major player in terms of business opportunities in the Philippines, land development has always been a viable avenue for foreign investments. Whether it be commercial, industrial, or the development of vacant lands, these companies create livelihoods for a significant number of Philippine workers. These developments are maximized by creating multi-purpose buildings such as condominiums with malls found in the lower levels. Collaborate with Philippine property developers to help workers from all over the metro.




The energy industry is an up and coming sector in the Philippines. These include power distribution, generation, and transmission. To help reduce the environmental impact of their services, the Department of Energy has created a renewable energy-diesel hybrid that could be a game-changer all around the world. Become a pioneer of new forms of electricity in the Philippines by investing in the energy sector.

Investing in the DOE’s projects would also help bring electricity to hard to reach areas all over the country. Currently, the department is implementing a 9-Point Agenda that consists of policies to fast track the availability of energy to consumers in off-grid areas.


Retail/Trading Distribution

Philippine products are exported to some of the world’s most developed countries. China is a top export destination for Philippine products such as different kinds of minerals, electronics, automobile parts, and fresh fruits. Other top export destinations include the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. Help strengthen the connection between China and the Philippines by investing in the development of the Philippine trading industry.


Key Takeaway

Figuring out where to invest in the Philippines is made easier after researching what the country has to offer in local and global markets. Help the Philippines maximize its use of its own natural resources by investing in its development. The Philippine business industry has improved, but with the help of Chinese investors, it could become a global competitor.

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