Topchain (TOPC) and BlockGame hold a grand blockchain conference in Manila

Topchain (TOPC) and BlockGame hold a grand blockchain conference in Manila

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In response to the grand initiatives taken by the Chinese and Philippine government and to promote the trade cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, a regional Sino Philippine blockchain meeting was held in March 16th at the Marriott International Hotel in Manila, Philippines by TopchainBlockGame and Bibaodao.

In recent years, with the deepening of the strategy of “the belt and road”, the state’s support has increased year by year, and the enthusiasm of domestic enterprises to integrate their own superior resources to further develop overseas markets has been unprecedentedly raised. On the other hand, due to the gradual saturation of the domestic market, the emerging industries represented by the Internet and blockchain have entered the “cold winter”, and the industry has to explore overseas market which has gradually become the consensus of many domestic enterprises.

The Philippine blockchain conference attracted many enterprises and institutions from China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Korea and other countries. It covers the financial, real estate, immigration, investment, legal, blockchain and insurance industries. It aims to build a win-win international industrial cooperation ecosystem through deepening communication and close cooperation.

At eleven a.m. local time, the venue of the Marriott International Hotel in Manila was already full. The host Emily announced the opening of 2019 The Belt and Road, Blockchain and Game International Conference. After that, Mr. Jiao Guangming, the founder of BlockGame & Topchain(TOPC), delivered a speech. First, he extended his welcome to all the guests who came from afar. Then, he gave a vivid interpretation of the theme and purpose of the Philippine blockchain conference.

He explained in detail the development and huge market prospects of the Philippines and the whole Southeast Asia region from three perspectives, economy, policy and humanities. When talking about how to catch the opportunities of overseas market under the new situation, he pointed out that “only by establishing in-depth cooperation and combining the advantages of capital, technology, mode, resources and market, we can realize the rapid landing of industry in overseas market at the lowest trial and error cost”.

Subsequently, Jiao Guangming announced the establishment of China-Philippines Trade Promotion Association, and issued certificates for the first batch of members, such as Beijing Kushen, LBank Exchange, Boundless Eco-Community Committee, Shanghai Yundun, Mushu Blockchain, MAC Chain, Taojin Terminal and Ubex Limited, which is the first step of building a mutually beneficial international industrial cooperation ecosystem for further development of Chinese and Philippine blockchain industry.

In the afternoon, TopChain, BlockGame, Boundless Eco-Community Committee, LBank, MAC, Yundun, CoinTiger, BTC123, Futong Real Estate of the Zhong Fei Zhi Lian, MDC Chain and other representatives of participating enterprises made keynote speeches, respectively, from the perspective of Philippine blockchain application, Internet security, digital payment, real estate investment and encrypted asset trading to analyze domestic and foreign economic development, trend, core industry advantages and overseas market development strategies which provide theoretical basis and guidance for further cooperation. At the subsequent round table meeting, the participants has in-depth exchanges and answered questions from Chinese and foreign media.

At 6 p.m, the meeting came to a successful ending in a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere. After the meeting, Mr. Jiao Guangming, as the sponsor of Philippine Chinese Trade Promotion Association, received interviews from various media such as Philippine Business Daily, Philippine China Daily, Hong Kong Satellite TV, TV5 and etc. He explained in detail the exploration process of industry going overseas in recent years and the current resource layout in Southeast Asia, and summarized the harvest and experience of the meeting. At the end of the interview, he appealed once again to the domestic enterprises to pay attention to the Southeast Asian market, and conveyed good wishes to every explorer who is at the forefront of the Philippine blockchain industry going out.

The holding of the 2019 The Belt and Road, Blockchain and Game International Conference reflects the good wishes of entrepreneurs and investors in China, Southeast Asia and neighboring countries for the exchange of industry, cooperation and win-win. The establishment of the Philippine Chinese Trade Promotion Association marks the gradual development of a new international cooperation mode of resource sharing and coordinated development. The success of this Sino Philippine blockchain conference may be a small step on the path of China’s “going global”. We believe that with the continue efforts of all sectors of the industry, the grand vision of the one belt and road strategy will benefit the whole world and bring wealth and achievement to everyone.

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Topchain(TOPC)BlockGame and Bibaodao are the sponsors of the conference. They are well-known blockchain companies in South East Asia.

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